Dental Lab Express launches its invisible aligners brand, YesAlign ; pioneering in invisible orthodontics. Our partners offer free consultations along with orthodontic treatments in Geneva. If you are a dentist and wish to organize a collaboration scheme, feel free to contact us.

Dental Lab Express, your ideal dental lab partner

• High quality dental lab prostheses
• 50% off Swiss prices and 30-50% in most EU countries
• Turnaround time 5-10 days
• A Swiss team, Swiss material
• An international experience

Full service – Transport included

We come to take your dental imprints from your office and bring your dental pieces to your address.


• Guarantees on all our products
• <1% error; these pieces are adjusted or crafted again for free

Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

The dental laboratory

• One of the most prestigious laboratories in Budapest – over 370m2 and expanding
• An impeccable reputation and a dental technician school
• Dozens of satisfied dentists

Our team

Experts in logistics, medical services and equipment trading, we organized:

• The technical adaptation to Swiss materials
• Logistics: transport, receipt and delivery of parcels
• Legal aspects: authorizations, customs clearance, taxes
• Financial aspects: economies of scale

Laboratoire dentaire Dental Lab Express

Your Advantages

• About 100 000 CHF saved per dentist per year
• About 50% of Swiss prices
• Swiss material and high quality dental crafts
• 100% Made in Europe
• Customer service in English and French
• Delivery within 5 and 10 working days
• Pick-up of your dental impressions at your address
• Express delivery of finished prostheses at the same address
• FREE transport and adjustments
• Warranty on all of our dental crafts